Simple Websites

Do you need a simple website for your company? Do not want to overpay? You’ve come to the right place. We create websites for clients with a small budget. We create these websites on the WordPress content management system (CMS), due to the popularity and ease of use. We prepare all our projects in accordance with the UX principles so that every user can navigate the website in a simple and intuitive way. The price includes optimizing the website for positioning, thanks to which it is prepared to start advertising on the internet. After completing the work, we send the instruction on the use of the page management panel so that the client can easily and quickly edit its contents. At the client’s request, we can create such a site on another selected CMS.

Co wchodzi w skład takiej strony internetowej:

CMS Wordpress system installation

The content management system will allow you to edit almost every element of the page from content to layout.

Template comprehensive configuration

Cheap websites are based on a free template, but it does not mean that they are not adapted to the needs of our clients.

Fit to mobile devices

All pages that we create are adapted to mobile devices, so you can view them on both phones and computers.

At the client's request we implement content and photos

During implementation, when the client asks for it, we implement photos using free banks and ready or written content.

Site installation on the selected one server

After accepting the project, we install the website on a server indicated by the client, and if they do not have one, we offer our hosting.

User manual for the panel and warranty

When the work is completed, we send a comprehensive CMS panel manual, and we provide a 3-month warranty on our pages.

Compatible with Modern Browsers






Used Technologies









The Most Modern Solutions

When designing each page, whether the online store uses the latest technology, so our websites work fine on any browser, on any resolution and in all conditions. The management systems we use are the most popular CMS at the moment, thanks to which they are safe, free of errors, easy to use and intuitive. These elements in combination provide an ideal website, adapted to current standards, ready to expand and position, functioning properly for many years.

Always Optimized

All projects coming out of our „forge” are optimized to work quickly and without errors, and are ready for positioning. We optimize by compressing the code and graphics, thus, page loading time is less. Thanks to these treatments, moving on the side is smoother and more pleasant because of its lightness and speed. We also add a robots.txt file and a Sitemap so that it can be indexed.

Optimization desktop


Optimization mobile




Convenience of users


Optimization desktop


Optimization mobile




Convenience of users


Cheap websites

Witryny dla mniej wymagających klientów, którzy potrzebują strony internetowej, bez dużego wkładu finansowego. Jeśli potrzebujesz tanią stronę internetową, ta oferta jest właśnie dla Ciebie. W jej skład wchodzi, witryna internetowa oparta na szablonie oraz system zarządzania treścią CMS WordPress z możliwością dalszego rozwoju. Dodatkowo, istnieje możliwość wykupienia hostingu i domeny w przystępnych cenach.

The implementation process

  1. Reconciliation of details with the client.
  2. Signing a contract for specific work.
  3. 30% advance payment.
  4. After posting the payment, we start work.
  5. After the set deadline, we send the ready project for inspection.
  6. We make possible corrections.
  7. After accepting the project, we issue an invoice.
  8. We install the website on the selected server.
  9. We’re sending you a manual regarding the management panel.

Website maintenance on hosting

If you do not have a server or domain, we will arrange it for you.
Domain – The first year free, each next is £50 net per year.
Server – Annual cost is £80.
Under this amount, you receive:
-10 mailboxes with a capacity of 1gb each
– fast and smooth website operation
– monthly archiving of the website
-Technical assistance.

Recommend us and receive rewards

The more people come to us from your command, the more rewards you will receive! For the first person you will receive £50, and for each additional £60. What requirements must be met?

  1. The person you have recommended our agencies must sign a contract with us.
  2. After signing the contract, she must pay 30% of the advance payment.
  3. After paying in advance you receive £50, which you can use for all available services that we offer.

Do you have doubts or want to ask something?

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